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Frequently asked questions

In this section we answer at the most common questions about the boat and the cruises.

For any other questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact us.

Before you book

Can I take my child to a boat tour?

Of course you can take your children with you. For security reasons, however, you should have them constantly under your supervision.

What is included and what is extra?

All costs are included. Light lunch, wine, beer, refreshments. There are no extra charges.

What sailing qualifications are required?

No sailing qualifications are required. Just bring your good mood!

When is a good time to go on a sailing holiday?

There is no such thing as a "good time" to go on a boat tour. All times are good, as long as you are in a good mood.

Are berths available?

The boat has 4 berths (for crew & emergency situations only).

How to book online?

At this point you can not book online. You can book either by sending us a booking request, or by calling us at +30 6947267877

Before you travel

What should I take with me on a boat tour?

You shoult take your swimming suit, a beach towel, your hat, sunglasses, sun cream and good mood!

What electrical supply does the boat have?

At Aegeas, there are electrical outlets for 12 & 220 volts.

How much will fuel cost?

The fuel costs are included in the price. There is no extra charge.

Is there good mobile phone signal at the boat?

During most of the trip, you will have good signal. Of course, there are areas, like isolated beaches, where the signal is either weak or non-existent.

Is there wifi on the boat?

No, for the time being there is no WIFI available on the boat.